Aditya and Vijaylakshmi, a newly married couple, were travelling to Delhi by bike.

UP highway shooting Chennai biker succumbs to injuries murderers still unknown
news Crime Monday, June 26, 2017 - 09:31

The thirty-one-year old resident of Ramapuram who was shot at a highway in Uttar Pradesh recently, has succumbed to his injuries. Aditya Kumar, who was travelling on NH-58 with his wife on a bike when the incident occurred, died at a private hospital in Meerut on Friday, reports Times of India. 

Aditya, an assistant engineering manager at L&T, was travelling to New Delhi after a bike trip to Leh and Ladakh with his wife Vijayalakshmi. The trip began when they left Chennai on June 3 and a colleague, Shyam Teja, had also accompanied them. The newly wedded couple was supposed to take a flight back to Chennai from the capital. 

On June 17, they were attacked by two unidentified assailants who shot at Aditya. The bullet, according to reports, had grazed his cheekbone. Vijaylakshmi too was injured after the bike fell, following the assault.

According to reports, two strangers on a motorbike closed in on them while they were riding from Haridwar to Delhi. The pillion rider then shot Aditya with a hand gun. The wound to his cheek had initially not been thought as life-threatening. He was admitted at Anand hospital, 55 km from Muzaffarnagar district, where the attack took place. 

“The doctors believed they could save his life, but it was not to be,” Vijaylakshmi told ToI.

The attackers were wearing helmets and the victims could not note down the registration number. The Uttar Pradesh police registered a case and started a probe is underway.