Hyderabad has touched its highest temperature in 43 years

Heres what you can do to beat the heat and stay alive in HyderabadPixabay
news Summers Thursday, April 14, 2016 - 13:57

Hyderabad, we are with you through these tough times. We know that it is hot as hell, and we will not tell you we can understand your situation. We cannot. Only people in Hyderabad can. Hyderabad has touched its highest temperature in 43 years, and the heat wave in Telangana will last till mid-April.

But we have more than just sympathies for you. Here are few things you should do in Hyderabad city to beat the heat and stay alive.

1. Stay away from the biriyani

Yes, we know you love the biriyani and cannot go one day without gorging a plate full of it. But it does not really help in the summers. It’s heavy, too spicy and does not digest easily. And stay away from the meat and anything which is too oily or deep fried.

So go for lighter food, and eat less. Eat lot of fruits like watermelon, grapes, oranges, guava, pomegranate, pears, peaches and apples.

Try and have as much liquids as possible. A lot of water will do you a lot of good. Drink fruit juice, lemonade, buttermilk and anything which can keep you hydrated.

Hit Necklace Road if you are nearby, there are a lot of lemon-juice sellers in the area.

2. Forget style, go for comfort

Clothing is very important. You need to be comfortable and protect yourself from the heat.

Wear comfortable fits, and don’t worry if it makes you look fat. The upside: when the summer goes away, you can wear your tight-fits and pretend like you lost weight.

Avoid black and other dark colours, they tend to absorb more heat.

Opt for cotton and khadi. You can wear half-sleeves and open-neck t-shirts. Try and avoid denim.

When you step out, wear a scarf or a hat. Use sunglasses.


3. Use the car, or public transport

Avoid two-wheelers, especially over long-distances. If you have a car, get the air-conditioning serviced and use it. Take an Ola or Uber. Or take the public transport.

There are also Multi-Modal Transport System buses. Use local trains or AC buses.

IT park in Hyderabad encourages car-pooling and has also started 'Car free Thursdays' a few months back, to encourage car-pooling and public transport. The Government of Telangana has also arranged extra buses on Thursdays for the IT people to make use of.

'She shuttle' has been started for IT women in Hyderabad. They can commute through these buses instead of using two-wheelers to work.

Try avoid driving in peak hours of traffic, otherwise you will end up staying long under the sun. 8:30 AM to 6 PM are peak hours for traffic in Hyderabad.

Facebook/Car Free Thursdays

4. Stay indoors during the day

During the day, avoid stepping out. Between 10AM and 5PM, stay indoors unless you have to get out. Even 5 minutes under the Sun can harm you.

While indoors, use the AC. If you can’t afford one, buy a cooler. If you can’t afford to buy one, rent one. They are not very expensive. Use the fridge to keep enough cold water in stock.

Since the air outside is dryer and hotter than the air inside, cover open windows with a damp sheet. 

Switch off all the lights when not required.

Look for the shade and trees when you are out. Take breaks and spend time in air-conditioned cafes if you can.


5. Step outdoors in the evening

Step out in the evening and get some air. Take a short walk nearby. If you live near a park, go there and spend some time, soaking in the greenery. People who stay near KBR parks can always visit in the evening to relax.

Night-outs are a good idea, but avoid smoking and alcohol as much as possible. Have a light dinner, don’t overeat.

Watching a movie at night is a good idea.

Facebook/KBR Park

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