Tuesday, May 26, 2015 - 05:30
  She’s made it to the Guinness World Records and has found special mention in “Ripley’s Believe it or not” - yesteryear star and actor, Manorama or “Aachi” who has reportedy acted in over 1000 movies till date is one of Southern cinema’s finest female  comedians. Born in 1943, Manorama turned 72 on Tuesday. Known for her comic roles, she hit it off with famous comedian Nagesh in a number of movies and they as a pair worked wonders in the Tamil comedy space.   What’s even more interesting about her is the fact that she has worked with almost every actor right from Sivagi Ganesan to Dhanush of today. So much so that she has the special title of having worked with five Chief Ministers of Southern India , including M Karunanidhi and Dr. NT Rama Rao. Her last movie was with Suriya in Singam II. One of the last remaining actors of the previous MGR generation, we have some of “Aachi”’s best performances.  Here’s Nagesh wooing Manorama in this hit classic movie, "Thaayin Madiyil".    She might be 72 years old, but here’s the cool “Aachi” giving some kickass love advice to a youngster in this movie- "Get the girl," she says. Some real practical advice, this one.  Manorama greeting M Karunanidhi (www.tamilstar.com)   "Aachi"'s husband having a tough time handling his curious wife - when a neighbour walked around his house without clothes on his back.  Vendhar TV brought out their own compilation of some of Manorama's best work. 
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