'Ganja Rani' Krishnaveni, 76-year-old, arrested for peddling weed

She has been in the weed business for 25 years.
'Ganja Rani' Krishnaveni, 76-year-old, arrested for peddling weed
'Ganja Rani' Krishnaveni, 76-year-old, arrested for peddling weed
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She is what you call a career criminal. Having lost her son to the trade's gang rivalry, 'Ganja Rani' Krishnaveni, continues to smuggle in and sell weed on the streets of Chennai. The police have yet again arrested her, having found that she had gone back to the trade yet again. He is reported to have forty criminal cases against her, including murder charges.

Times of India reports,

Investigators said when they picked up C Krishnaveni in T P Chatram where she lives, she was selling ganja (marijuana) to customers. They seized a sack with 2kg of the drug from her. A police officer said Krishnaveni had been in the ganja trade for more than 25 years. “A couple of years ago, a gang killed her son Sekar. Krishnaveni took revenge and had two men believed to have been involved in the crime murdered on her orders in Saidapet,“ he said. Based on a tip that Krishnaveni had started peddling ganja again, a police team led by T P Chatram inspector Rajesh Babu arrested her and seized the contraband she was carrying. When police previously arrested her last year, they found 45kg of the drug in her house. “We have charged Krishnaveni under the Goondas Act five times,“ the officer said. “She restarted her ganja business in north Chennai recently after her release from prison two months ago.“

A seasoned smuggler, Krishnaveni reportedly sources ganja from Madurai and Andhra Pradesh and transfers huge consignments in trains. Officers say that she would buy a kilo of weed for Rs. 4000 and sell it on the streets for Rs. 8000. She has been dealt leniently by the court earlier on account of her age.

Krishnaveni is one among the three well known Ganja queens of Chennai, the other two being Anu Bai and Udaya. Read about them here.

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