G-shot: Chennai doc is offering women an injection to 'enhance the G-spot'

The shot can apparently enable women to have multiple orgasms
G-shot: Chennai doc is offering women an injection to 'enhance the G-spot'
G-shot: Chennai doc is offering women an injection to 'enhance the G-spot'
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While the (non?)existence of the G-Spot continues to engage researchers, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure newly introduced in India claims it can give the G-Spot a boost. What that really means is enhanced orgasm, even multiple orgasms, for women who take it.

Chennai-based cosmetic gynaecologist Dr Deepa Ganesh says the G-shot is going to be the next big thing in India in the next five years. A practising gynaecologist for the past 15 years, Dr Deepa recently took an interest in cosmetic gynaecology.

Admnistering the G-shot can take as little as 10 minutes and you can be ready to have sex four hours later, Dr Deepa says. The effect of one injection lasts for about four months. While new in India, the procedure has been popular in the US for over a decade now, she adds. 

“It essentially thickens and expands the G-spot, which is actually 3-5 mm big. The injection, administered to the spot, expands it to 7-10 mm making it much more sensitive, heightening arousal, and making it easier to orgasm,” she claimed.

So far, Dr Deepa has had many enquiries but the only 10 women have taken the shot – the youngest one being 30 and the oldest 46. “They insist on secrecy,” she says, adding that only half of them had even informed their husbands.

Last November, Dr Deepa completed her five-month training and certification in the US under Dr David Matlock, the brain behind the G-shot. Now back in Chennai, she imports the kit directly from him charges between Rs 45,000 – 50,000.

And while Dr Deepa says that the feedback has been positive with many wanting to repeat the shot, the culture of secrecy is in stark contrast to her experience in the US.

“When I was there (in the US), women as young as 16 and as old 50 would come for cosmetic gynaecology procedures,” she remarks. Some would even come with their mothers and ask for what they wanted quite unabashedly. “There was this 46-year-old doctor who wanted to get vaginal tightening as well as the G-shot for her 25th anniversary,” recalls Dr Deepa. “She wanted to do it as a gift for her husband and herself.”

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