news Tuesday, May 26, 2015 - 05:30
  Like there wasn’t enough trouble already in the Maran household, with Spicejet going out of their hands and some Sun group companies in trouble, former TRAI Chairman Pradeep Baijal has hit out hard at former Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran in a tell-all book, the Times of India reports. Slamming the Prime Minister for going along with the alleged misdoings, the former bureaucrat also says that he informed the PM of his reservations due to the conflict of interest in Dayanidhi Maran being appointed as the Telecom minister even as his family was a TV broadcaster. But the PM dismissed his reservations. Here are the allegations Baijal makes against Maran 1. Maran told Baijal that he was ‘Prime Minister, Telecom’ and he would take all decisions on telecom. 2. Maran warned Baijal that he would come to severe harm if he did not comply with Maran’s decisions. “He was right, I did face severe hardships later,” writes Baijal. 3. Maran forced Baijal not to submit the Unified Service Licensing recommendations of the previous NDA government. 4. He writes that Ratan Tata told him that Maran was threatening Tata into accepting a merger between Tata Sky and Sun TV