Just ahead of every election, astrologers carefully read the stars of politicians, suggest change in ‘lifestyles’ and predict good and bad times with due diligence.

Forget opinion polls now astrologers also tell you who may winImage for representation
news Thursday, May 12, 2016 - 13:52

Only one candidate from the ruling AIADMK, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had filed her nomination for the upcoming state assembly elections by April 28. When the clock struck 12:30 P.M. on April 29, the last day to file nominations, the remaining 233 candidates from the AIADMK and allied parties dutifully started the process of filing their papers in their respective constituencies – on Amma’s orders, of course. Though politicians might not necessarily take pleasure in being called ‘superstitious’, one cannot deny the significant place astrology occupies, at least in Tamil Nadu politics.

Just ahead of every election, astrologers carefully read the stars of politicians, suggest change in ‘lifestyles’ and predict good and bad times with due diligence. Astrologers are believed to have a say in everything from the choice of constituency and the date and time of filing nominations to even predicting the winners, albeit with hesitation.  

Astro Rajasekhar does not mince his words when he predicts victory for Jayalalithaa. “I have taken their nakshatras, signs and the date of election, as well as the counting date to arrive at predicting the winners. Based on this, Jayalalithaa’s Magam and Stalin’s Mesham will witness good times ahead,” says the astrologer, who is armed with a postgraduate degree in astrology.

He claims that while this election brings goodwill to both DMK treasurer Stalin and the AIADMK supremo, they both will allegedly find a common enemy in DMDK leader and PWF’s chief ministerial candidate Vijayakant.

Ask him who among the two will become the chief minister, Rajasekhar has his answer ready. “The person with the maximum number of aksharas will be more prosperous. Jayalalithaa’s stars fit the bill, and she will emerge victorious,” he pronounces.

Way back in 2001, Kerala-based astrologer Unnikrishnan Panicker predicted that Jayalalithaa will occupy the Chief Minister’s chair, even though she was debarred due to the criminal cases pending against her. The AIADMK supremo went on to become the Chief Minister as a non-elected member of the assembly. This year too, the famous astrologer foresees her forming the government in the state.

“She will win 180 plus seats in the state. There is no doubt about it. DMK will follow with around 30 seats,” says Panicker who also alleged that he does not see the third-front make any significant gain and that DMK chief Karunanidhi’s health might also be a cause for concern.

But astrologers are quick to clarify that they too are hesitant to predict winners. “I am very closely associated with the top politicians from both the parties. I have held consultations with some of the most prominent leaders on one to one basis. But I would never predict the winner as I am close friends with them all,” claims Chennai-based astrologer Shelvi.


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