FASTag: Cash to be accepted in 13 TN toll plazas until Feb 14

FASTags were made mandatory in toll plazas across the country from January 15, 2020 after multiple extensions.
FASTag: Cash to be accepted in 13 TN toll plazas until Feb 14
FASTag: Cash to be accepted in 13 TN toll plazas until Feb 14
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Two days after FASTag became mandatory in toll plazas across the country, 13 toll plazas in Tamil Nadu will get an additional lane that accept cash payment for one more month. FASTags became mandatory from January 15 in all toll plazas in the country, including the 35 plazas in Tamil Nadu. 

These 13 toll plazas are among the 65 plazas in India that have got exemption from total compliance to FASTag since they witness huge amounts of cash transactions every day, as per reports. The toll plazas which will now function with an additional cash lane in Tamil Nadu are Kaniyur, Kodai, Krishnagiri, Moratandi, Omalur, Palayam, Paranur, Samayapuram, Sengurichi, Thirumandurai, Vaikuntham, Vijayamangalam and Vikravandi. All these toll plazas see at least 20,000 vehicles every day while Krishnagiri toll plaza sees over 30,000 vehicles a day. The exemption will be in force till February 14. The lanes on the left extreme in both directions will accept toll payments in cash. 

FASTags are Radio Frequency ID stickers which ensures toll payments can be collected while the vehicle is moving. The Union Government had mandated RFID stickers on all vehicles which use toll plazas from December 1, 2019 with the intention to avoid long waiting lines in toll booths. The toll plazas were also planned to be FASTag only since December 1, thus vehicles without FASTags that enter FASTag lanes had to pay double the toll amount. However, due to non-availability of FASTag stickers, the government pushed the deadline to December 15 and then to January 15, 2020 due to shortage in tags. In order to address the glitches reported around FASTags, the government also permitted 25% of the lanes in toll plazas to be made cash lanes, in which vehicles can make toll payments using cash. 

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