The man was kidnapped and hacked to death by 32-year old Kannan Kumar after he discovered that his “lover” had posed as a woman and taken large sums of money.  

Man poses as Facebook lover and dupes policeman gets murdered
news Crime Friday, January 26, 2018 - 11:07

A Facebook romance with an unusual twist, went horribly wrong and led to the murder of a 22-year-old man in W Pudupatti in Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu on Thursday.

The man had apparently posed as a “lover” and taken large sums of money from a 32-year old constable with Ennore police, Kannan Kumar, as per a report in the Times of India.  

After coming to know that he had been duped, Kannan kidnapped him and allegedly hacked him to death with the help of his three accomplices.

"The Watrap police have arrested three of Kannan's accomplices, Vijayakumar, Tenzing alias Tamilarasan and another Tamilarasan and charged them with the murder of S Ayyanar," a police source told ToI.

The accomplices have admitted to the murder, according to the source.

Further, a search team has been assigned to hunt down Kannan who is absconding.

The victim, Ayyanar, who had enrolled in a teacher training course created a fake Facebook identity and profile.

The duo, Kumar and Ayyanar met online, started chatting and soon began a relationship.

It was during the Pongal holidays when Kumar had taken 10 days off to go to his hometown of  Vathirayiruppu (Watrap), to meet his “chosen one” that he realised that something wasn’t right.

Watrap is 5 kms from W Pudupatti and when Kumar asked Ayyanar to meet him, he refused.

This created suspicion in Kumar and he soon learnt the truth about the man’s identity and realised that he had been scammed off large sums of money.

A depressed Kumar consumed poison to try and kill himself, according to the report.

Chennai police confirmed that the constable had been on medical leave since December 12, according to the report.

It was in hospital that he and his accomplices later hatched a plan to finish off Ayyanar.