Exclusive: TN Police nail caste-leader Yuvaraj in Gokulraj murder case, gather crucial evidence

Desperate to wash-off the taint caused by the embarrassing arrest-evasion of Yuvaraj, the TN police is working round-the-clock to gather evidence against him.
Exclusive: TN Police nail caste-leader Yuvaraj in Gokulraj murder case, gather crucial evidence
Exclusive: TN Police nail caste-leader Yuvaraj in Gokulraj murder case, gather crucial evidence
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Having been publicly embarrassed and humiliated by Yuvaraj, President of the Dheeran Chinnamalai Peravai, the Tamil Nadu police has gathered crucial evidence to nail the caste-leader in the Gokulraj murder case, according to top sources in the Tamil Nadu police department.

Accused of kidnapping and murdering Dalit youth Gokulraj for being friendly with a girl from an OBC community, the caste-leader had been absconding from the temple town of Thiruchengode for 109 days before he finally surrendered at the office of the CB-CID in Namakkal. The CB-CID had taken over the case after the death of the case investigating officer DSP Vishnupriya in September. Yuvaraj’s return, amidst much fanfare, had brought the TN police under sharp criticism.

Highly placed sources in the TN police have told The News Minute that Yuvaraj had indeed confessed to his crime after being put through “tough interrogation”. However, the police department is sure that Yuvaraj and his major partner in crime, his driver Arun who has also confessed, will backtrack on their statements in court. So the police have gathered technical evidence to nail both Yuvaraj and Arun. “He was using technology to evade us, now we are using technology to make the case against him,” said a senior police officer.

Here is what the TN police have gathered as evidence, according to sources in the TN police.

The most crucial piece of evidence seems to be the “suicide video” of Gokulraj. Twenty-four hours after the death of Gokulraj in June, a video was being circulated on WhatsApp in which Gokulraj is seen making a suicide statement. The police have traced this video to have been originally shot by Arun on his phone, and then being sent to another person on WhatsApp. If Gokulraj indeed committed suicide, and Yuvaraj had nothing to do with it, then how was the “suicide video” shot on Yuvaraj’s driver Arun’s phone?

To reach the hillock in Sankagiri where the murder allegedly took place, Yuvaraj and his men had borrowed a jeep from a friend, according to investigators. The police have seized the jeep along with a statement from the owner that Yuvaraj borrowed the jeep from him on the day of the alleged murder. Yuvaraj also changed the number plate of the jeep on his way to the hills. The police have obtained the soft-copy of the new number plate design which Yuvaraj got made from the computer-database of the shop, and also seized work-order records from the shop which names Yuvaraj. The work-order records and database documents have the timestamp which matches with the time of murder.

Further, it was from a store next-door to the number plate shop that Yuvaraj bought two sheets of paper for the “suicide note”. The police have a statement from the shop-owner identifying Yuvaraj and have seized the rest of the sheets of paper from the same package to be compared with the suicide note.

Besides this, the police have call data records of the driver Arun on the day of the alleged murder. They have traced his location through tower signal data and it clearly traces his movement on that day, according to police officials.

It is believed by investigators that Yuvaraj thought he will get away with the murder as the case would not get much attention. But after DSP Vishnupriya’s suicide, the police came under immense pressure to track him down and book him. “The case was a definite embarrassment for us, but we are hoping that we can bring the embarrassment down by at least 50% by getting him convicted,” said a senior police officer.

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