Ever wished you could operate switches from outside your home? This man has a solution

Palanikumar has designed switches which can be operated through an app.
Ever wished you could operate switches from outside your home? This man has a solution
Ever wished you could operate switches from outside your home? This man has a solution
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Have you ever forgotten to switch off your electrical appliances and suddenly remembered it at work? This Coimbatore engineer has a solution that will make your life easier.

EC switches are touch switches and which can be used through an app. “One can operate any switch through the app, it will be very helpful for aged people and persons with disability,” says Palanikumar, (32) who developed these switches.

All electrical products can be used through these switches. Palanikumar, who hails from Coimbatore, came up with the idea of making switches safer two years ago while working as an engineer in research and development wing in a private company. “These switches are water-proof and also have child lock. If we use some switches for long, sparks start coming out of it, there won’t be any such problems with EC switch,” says Palanikumar.

These switches can also become showpieces at one’s house as these are made of glass, and can be fitted on pictures. “I started with making a touch switch board then I thought it will be nice if I could put in pictures into it and then I came with the idea of using glass designs for it. Even kids can use it easily,” says Palanikumar. 

He adds that the everything about the switch is similar to normal switches. “But one can even use it with wet hands, as it is water and shock proof. One can use the app from anywhere,” he says.

That’s not it. These switches can also guard your houses. A camera is attached to the door and the switches have motion detectors. “Through the app, one will be alerted if someone tries to enter your house and can see it in the camera. The house owner can ask them who it is and if it is known person they can open the lock and let them into the house,” says Palanikumar.

All the switches can be operated by the app including garden lights to motor switches. “The best part about these switches that it would look like photo frames than usual ugly switches,” adds Palanikumar.

Palanikumar has been working on these switches for the last two years. The cost of one set of switches is Rs. 2800. It includes five switches and one fan, the app comes free with the switches, says Palanikumar.

The manufacturing of these switches takes place at PSG college in Coimbatore. “I have been getting inquiries and two dealers from Coimbatore and three from Kerala have asked for dealership,” he adds.

Palanikumar finished his ITI in Electronics and Mechanic course from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya in Coimbatore and worked as an engineer in the research and development wing for 10 years

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