news Monday, July 27, 2015 - 05:30
Call it loyalty, sycophancy or in politer terms, dedication to the party, the extent to which party loyalists or cadres are ready to go to for Jayalalithaa has no bounds.   As campaign was on full swing in Chennai’s RK Nagar constituency for the June 27 by-elections, the AIADMK went all out displaying its might, as the party prepared to formalise the return of Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.   Though a 4-member group was tasked with the campaign, one picture form the campaign had gone viral. It was that of Transport Minister and Party secretary from Karur, V Senthil Balaji.   Balaji's picture with two lights fixed on his head had become a new symbol of sycophancy. But it now seems even the lights on his head could not brighten this man's political prospects. On Monday, Jayalalithaa announced that Senthil Balaji was being sacked as minister and from his party position. Sources say that the Chief Minister was unhappy with the minister following allegations of groupism and insubordination.      Senthil Balaji is the first minister to be sacked after Jayalalithaa's return as Chief Minister.  
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