Elite TASMAC store to be opened at Chennai airport’s domestic terminal

With the setting up of a premium TASMAC in the arrival terminal, travelers will be able to pick up bottles as they leave the airport for the city. 
Elite TASMAC store to be opened at Chennai airport’s domestic terminal
Elite TASMAC store to be opened at Chennai airport’s domestic terminal
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Chennai’s domestic air terminal will soon see a premium TASMAC booze outlet in its premises, allowing passengers to purchase liquor on landing in the city. There are plans to open similar outlets in Madurai, Coimbatore and Trichy airports.

The decision to open Elite TASMACS at the arrival terminal of the state’s airports came after similar outlets were found to be popular among travelers, according to a TOI report. The outlet will come as an addition to the already existing duty-free outlet in the departure terminal, where passengers can purchase imported liquor.

Discussions between the Airports Authority of India and TASMAC have begun regarding the space for the outlet and the fee for setting up the shop.

A senior official of the Airports Authority of India told TOI that the outlet was primarily to facilitate travelers who are new to Chennai.

“There was feedback from travellers about need for a shop at the airport. There is a duty-free outlet at the departure terminal but arriving passengers do not have a facility. There have been many instances in which we have received inquiries from people looking for a liquor retail shop at the domestic arrival terminal,” he said.

Elite TASMACS have long been accused of overcharging customers. However, when asked if the elite TASMAC at the aiport will also be have alcohol priced at a higher rate, the official said that no such practices would be indulged in.

Standard rates at Elite TASMAC are Rs 100 – Rs 145 for beers and Rs. 1000 – Rs 3,300 for other liquor.

Premium TASMAC outlets were opened in the city way back in December 2011. When opened, the outlets offered 66 varieties of premium Indian Made Foreign Liquor brands. It also offered tipplers 60 international brands such as Jack Daniels, J&B Rare Whiskey, Blavod Vodka, Lindeman Red Wine, Corona Beer and Heineken Beer to name a few.

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