The lawyer alleges that he had been forced to hand over his mobile phones

DSP Vishnupriya case Lawyer says TN police forcing him to accept he was her lover
news DSP Suicide Friday, October 02, 2015 - 13:22

Raising questions over the status of the CB-CID investigations into the killing of DSP Vishnupriya, which has been alleged to be linked to the murder of Dalit youth Gokulraj which she was investigating, a lawyer practising in Madurai high court has filed a petition in the Madras High Court stating that the CB-CID is threatening him into accepting he was the DSP’s lover.

Post the furore over the death, the TN police has been tight-lipped about the investigation as the CB-CID probes the case. However, one theory which has been gaining ground is that she committed suicide over ‘love failure’ and at the centre of this theory is the lawyer, Malaviya, who has now filed a petition which also asks for the investigation to be moved to the CBI.

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In his petition, Malaviya says that the CB-CID team threatened him to accept that he was Vishnupriya’s lover. He says that he was not Vishnupriy’s lover and had started talking to her in June, when she had contacted him in her official capacity over various legal issues. He also alleges that he had been forced to hand over his mobile phones.

He alleges that the officials wanted him to admit that he was Vishnupriya’s lover and did not transcribe his statement.

He also says that Vishnupriya spoke to Malaviya before her death and about how she was under pressure over the Gokulraj murder case and how she was forced to arrest innocent people in the case. She also allegedly said her seniors had ordered her to arrest innocent people in the murder of a businessman, according to the petitioner.

Malaviya further stated in his petition that this clearly showed that the officials were only interested in closing the case as a suicide due to love failure, and thus it must be transferred to the CBI.

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