Don't abuse anyone: 'Bigg Boss' Oviya shows why she's the queen of hearts in video

In her first video after exiting the 'Bigg Boss' house, Oviya answers questions that fans have been asking
Don't abuse anyone:  'Bigg Boss' Oviya shows why she's the queen of hearts in video
Don't abuse anyone: 'Bigg Boss' Oviya shows why she's the queen of hearts in video
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After favourite Bigg Boss contestant Oviya left the Tamil reality TV show, viewers were heartbroken. The self-proclaimed Oviya army, which had been batting for their 'Thalaivi' (leader) all through the weeks she spent at the house, had gone to the extent of creating songs and 'anthems' for her. 

Social media has also been full of pictures of her with fans after she left the show and was spotted in Chennai city and elsewhere. Oviya's new haircut generated quite a buzz, with rumours floating that she had been forced to chop off her hair because she was undergoing "treatment".

There was also speculation that she would return to Bigg Boss as a wild card entry since the interest in the show had supposedly dipped among the audience after her exit. 

However, in the first video that Oviya uploaded after her exit, she puts to rest many of these "theories". She was speaking from her home in Kochi. 

Her first request, which has won over hearts once again, is not to corner and bully people like Julie and Shakti, who had been rude to her and had created problems in the Bigg Boss house.

"I know how it feels to be cornered," said Oviya, adding that human beings were flawed and that it was this which separates us from animals who do not commit any wrong.

"Nobody is perfect. It's only humans who have a heart and a conscience. There are people who commit rape and murder who are forgiven by our government. This is not a matter at all...please don't disturb them (contestants)," she said.

She mentioned that at the Bigg Boss house, there were only 14 people but even in such a small crowd, she felt hurt when cornered by a few. This given, she asked fans to be more considerate towards evicted contestants like Julie and Shakti, and not indulge in bullying in her name.

"Please don't do this. I don't want that curse. It is really hurting," she said.

Oviya also noted that everybody in the house had made mistakes, including her, and that not everything was shown on TV.

She clarified rumours about her haircut, stating that someone had approached her to donate her hair to make wigs for cancer patients.

"My mom died of cancer. So I know how it feels and how the loss of hair can impact people, especially women," she said. She added that she was not under depression or any treatment, and that the haircut was simply her new style because she wanted to donate hair and still look good. She'd in fact been holidaying in Varkala (Kerala).

"Try it. I feel so free, girls!" she said, showing off her haircut to the camera.

As for Arav, the contestant she'd claimed to be in love with, Oviya said that she still believes that love exists and that it would return to her someday.

"I believe in true love," she said. "Don't trust me or anyone, but trust love."

She confirmed that she would not be returning to Bigg Boss, but that her fans could see her in films.

"Don't go and watch the films for me. Watch the films if you want to. If you don't like the films, you can criticise in the harshest words...I don't have a problem," she said.

Oviya advised her fans not to consider her as a role model or follow her in any way, but to create their own style and statement.

"You should have self-respect," she said.

A smiling Oviya introduced her dog to the viewers as well. The viral video has come us a shot in the arm for viewers who were missing the spunky actor ever since she left the show after intense drama.

The actor has also promised to answer more fan queries on Twitter and in person.

"Thank you so much for the love. I don't want to give more advice to anyone. I'm nobody to give advice. Advice is boring!" she quipped.

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