The actor wrote on Twitter that if he decides, he could become the ‘mudhalvar’.

Does Big Boss really think he can be CM Kamal Haasan hints at joining politics
news Politics Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 10:26

Exciting times are ahead for Kamal Haasan's fans and detractors alike: The actor, seemingly frustrated with the state of affairs recently, has threatened to enter politics - unless of course his 'cryptic' tweets mean something else altogether.

The ongoing controversy over Kamal Haasan’s recent statement about corruption in Tamil Nadu government and his show Big Boss Tamil, which has attracted criticism from several groups across the spectrum, took another turn on Tuesday night with the actor tweeting a poem hinting at joining politics.

Taking to Twitter, the actor wrote that if he decides, he could become the ‘mudhalvar’. The word is popularly used to refer to the Chief Minister in Tamil Nadu.

The rough transliteration of his Tamil poem, as published by TOI, is as follows: “Let us criticise, none is king now. Let us spring up heartily, as we are not kings like them. If routed and dead, I am militant. If I decide, I am ‘mudhalvar’. Am I a slave because I bow? Am I a loser if I shun the crown? It’s an error to shoo them as fools. Paths can't be seen unless searched. Come along with me, Comrade, one who sets out to smash absurdity will be a leader.”

Kamal has been the target of several verbal attacks over the past few days, ever since Big Boss Tamil hosted by him went on air. A ban on the show was sought by the Hindu Makkal Katchi for being ‘immoral’.

Recently, Puthiya Tamizhagam leader Krishnaswamy also threatened to file a case against the actor for refusing to apologise for a derogatory statement made by a contestant in the show. He had said that he will file a Rs 100 crore defamation case against the channel and the actor for the derogatory statement.

After Kamal had casually remarked on the corruption in the state, he has also been receiving flak from Ministers in the government. Tamil Nadu Finance Minister D Jayakumar had dared Kamal Haasan to enter politics, while others threatened him with tax audits and raids.

However, AIADMK leader O Panneerselvam supported Kamal. He said that everyone in a democracy has a right to express their views.

DMK leader MK Stalin also defended Kamal, stating that every voter had the right to criticise the benami and horse-trading government.

On Sunday, Law Minister CV Shanmugam accused Kamal Haasan of “going against Tamil and Indian culture” by having a live-in relationship. 

"He has no right to talk about all this. He is struggling to make money now. He is not getting any chances in films and is a third-rate actor," said minister Shanmugam to the media in Villupuram.

Municipal Administration minister SP Velumani had also threatened to probe the actor’s tax history, to find evidence of wrongdoing. 

Meanwhile, some people online decided to 'interpret' his tweet:

Translation: "Isn't this what you meant? "For whom it isn't working out" = Rajini. "For friends who have it worked out" = Stalin. "You will soon have a solution" = Kamal is jumping into politics. "Once you hear the news, stay calm" = Please stay quiet once I confirm it. "The mushroom that grew in yesterday's rain" = reference to OPS and Edappadi."

Some of his fans - including actor Prasanna - have welcomed his move to enter politics.

Translation: We're ready, oh lord.

Translation: Super! People like you (Prasanna) and Kamal should lend their voice, celebrities should be more responsible than common man.

Others were more skeptical: