DMK-Congress have a ‘culture of insulting women’: PM Modi in TN's Dharapuram

Prime Minister Modi hit out against the DMK and Congress alliance while speaking in Dharapuram, saying the alliance will not safeguard women if it comes to power.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with alliance partners and BJP members at Tiruppur
Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with alliance partners and BJP members at Tiruppur
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Campaigning for NDA candidates at Dharapuram in Tiruppur district of Tamil Nadu on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the DMK and Congress parties of having a culture to insult women. He added that the NDA by contrast, believes that development of the nation can only start with women empowerment. In his speech, he referred to Dindigul Leoni’s sexist remarks on women while campaigning for the DMK, and also reminded of the assault on Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu assembly in 1989.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Dharapuram via a chopper, and shared the stage with AIADMK leaders, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami and Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam, and BJP TN candidates on Tuesday. Before his address, PM Modi also received a Vel (a spear) from BJP state unit president L Murugan and started his speech by repeating “Vetrivel Veeravel” – a slogan for Lord Murugan.

Greeting the people with “vanakkam”, Prime Minister Modi said, “I am proud to come to the traditional land of Tamil Nadu. The land with Agatheswarar temple that invites everyone from the world, and the land has also given great people like Tiruppur Kumaran, Dheeran Chinnamalai, Kaalingarayar.”

“In a few days from now, Tamil Nadu will vote for the Assembly elections and NDA seeks your blessing to serve the people of the state,” he said.

“We want to create connectivity and opportunity here. People are expecting a rail link and the Union government is positively looking into the demand. We are making efforts to make technical and medical language courses available in the local language, if possible. If you vote for NDA, it’s a vote to solve long-standing issues,” Modi said.

Prime Minister Modi soon went on to attack the opponents in the fray, the DMK and Congress alliance. He spoke about the assault on Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu Assembly by DMK members in 1989. He said that the DMK-Congress will continue to insult women if they come to power.

Modi said, “Friends, on one hand we have development as the agenda, on the other hand DMK has 'dynasty' as its agenda. They don’t have anything positive to offer. They hardly talk about their agenda and they only spread lies. They have not respected the mother of Tamil Nadu CM, god forbid if they come to power, they will insult all women.”

“Sadly, insulting women is a part of DMK and Congress culture. When the crown prince of DMK (MK Stalin’s son Udhayanidhi Stalin) sidelined many senior leaders and made horrible remarks, DMK did nothing to stop him. Never forget March 25, 1989 in the Assembly of Tamil Nadu, how the DMK leaders treated Amma Jaya ji. DMK-Congress will not safeguard women,” he said.

He also referred to Dindigul Leoni’s sexist remark that he made in Coimbatore while campaigning for the party, where he said that women’s hips are ‘becoming like barrels’ by drinking milk from foreign cows. “A few days ago, one of the MLA candidates of DMK, Dindigul Leoni made horrible remarks against women. DMK has done nothing to stop him,” Modi said.  

He added that NDA is always inspired by thoughts of Andal and Avaiyar and they always believe that the progress of society is not without empowerment of women.

The Prime Minister promised a toy cluster, which will show the way to make top-quality toys to the world. He also said that he is personally interested in helping businesses and enterprises grow in the region.

He also quoted Thirukkural and said that the world must follow the farmers and they are the linchpin of the world. “NDA’s priority is the welfare of small farmers and our government has initiated reforms that will free farmers from middlemen.”

He also urged everyone to read the party’s manifesto.

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