Trichy Conservator of Museum Sivakumar told reporters that the egg-shaped rocks are fossils of marine animals embedded inside layers of ammonite deposits.

A meme of a dinosaur actually functioning as a Jallikattu bull in Tamil Nadu
news Social media Monday, October 26, 2020 - 14:15

Much to the disappointment of netizens, experts have confirmed that the egg-shaped rocks, which were discovered in Tamil Nadu's Perambalur district, are not dinosaur eggs but fossils of marine animals. Trichy Conservator of Museum Sivakumar told reporters that the egg-shaped rocks are fossils of marine animals that are embedded inside layers of ammonite deposits. While this revelation may not be what curious residents of Tamil Nadu wanted to hear, the barrage of memes comparing Perambalur district to the Jurassic era has more than made up for it.

The egg-shaped rocks were discovered while dredging a tank in Kunnam village in Tamil Nadu’s Perambalur district but the meme-makers already pictured the district's future with dinosaurs living harmoniously with residents.

From memes of dinosaurs being domesticated and playing jallikattu to the reptiles hanging around the neck of comedian Vadivelu, the images were a feast for the eyes.


This one says, 'animal sacrifice in Perambalur be like'..


This meme shows a farmer in Ariyalur chilling with the dinos.

Videos of dinosaurs running to the tune of Jurassic Park film series on a regular road left residents in splits of laughter.


This meme shows people of Perambalur sleeping in the night, and as dinosaurs roar, someone says 'give them some water'.


If there are dinosaurs, well then the Youtube cookery channel will have them in their dishes!



A Perambalur woman points out to a man that she is way different and miles ahead of the man who eats egg omelettes, while she has dino omelettes.

Last week, residents of Kunnam were thrilled, and convinced, that they had found dinosaur eggs in their village.

Members of the Indian Natural History Society of Perambalur, too, claimed there were similarities between the fossils found in Perambalur and dinosaur egg fossils previously found in Ariyalur district.

However, denying that these were dinosaur eggs, Trichy Museum Curator said that thousands of years ago, the present-day Perambalur and Ariyalur areas were covered by the sea. “The sedimentation of minerals such as calcium on Ammonoids (extinct marine mollusc animals) turned into rocks that we see today. We also found other such ancient organisms. When you break it open, you can see the animal and the sediments on top of it. People have mistaken this to be dinosaur eggs. Such rocks are very common in Perambalur and Ariyalur areas,” he explained.


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