news Wednesday, June 03, 2015 - 05:30
It’s a case of "Did you or did you not?". Nestle has given contradictory responses to reports of discovery of live larvae in powdered baby milk after a Coimbatore couple found insects swimming in the powdered milk formula they were feeding their 15-month-old infant. On June 2, Nestle in an official statement said that the company had not been contacted by the consumer or the authorities in connection to the complaint. However, Prem Ananth, father of two infants, one of whom developed allergic reactions after being fed the contents of the milk powder, says that Nestle did send a representative to meet them in their house in April. “The company representative called us up before he visited and spoke to us,” said Ananth. During the course of the meeting an offer was made to replace the carton, which he refused. Then, the representative requested for the affected carton to get it tested at the company’s certified laboratory – another request that Ananth says he immediately rejected.  “That was the only piece of evidence we had with us,” said Ananth who didn’t seem confident that a fair investigation would be made by the company. Instead, he approached the Tamil Nadu Food Safety Wing. Contradictory statements on live larvae in Nestle product After a report by the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department which clearly stated that “28 numbers of Live Larva and 22 numbers of Sitophilus Oryzae” had been found in the 380 gm of Nestle Milk powder, Nestle in its statement on June 2 gave out a completely contradictory response saying that the company has not been contacted by the consumer on the same. However, according to a letter dated 29 May a copy of which is with The News Minute, Nestle has sent a letter to the affected family acknowledging receiving a complaint over the issue.   The letter addressing the wife of Prem Ananth acknowledges receiving a complaint over the said product. It also confirms a visit made by the company’s Area Manager Nutrition, Krishna Perumal Ganapathy and Nutrition Executive, Saravanan Ramalingam on April 19. However, the letter requests the complainant to furnish the complaint pack for investigation. It then goes on state that without the required pack and the batch code it would not be possible to investigate the complaint. On a separate note, food safety officers in Coimbatore have collected more samples of the Nestle milk powder in Chennai and Coimbatore for testing on orders from Tamil Nadu Food Safety Commissioner Kumar Jayant, reported The New Indian Express. Read Twenty eight live larvae and 32 weevils found in Nestle milk powder for infants