Dhasvanth reportedly made the confession a day after he was brought to Chennai from Mumbai.

Dhasvanth admits to killing mother and planned to murder father too say police
news Crime Monday, December 11, 2017 - 08:34

In a chilling revelation, double-murder accused Dhasvanth has reportedly confessed to killing his mother and told police that he had planned to murder his father too, as per a report in The Times of India. He reportedly made the confession a day after he was brought to Chennai from Mumbai.

Upset at not getting money from his parents, Sarala and A Sekhar, Dhasvanth told police that he had decided a few weeks ago to kill them. He was also angry with his parents because they constantly scolded him, a police officer told ToI. 

"Dhasvanth confessed to killing his mother with an iron rod on December 2. His plan to murder his father failed because Sekhar was away at work and returned later than usual,” the officer told ToI. However, a senior police officer told TNM a slightly different version. He said that though Dhasvanth had been angry at his parents and wanted to harm them, the murder was a spur of the moment act. He added that when his mother refused money again, Dhasvanth pushed her. When she screamed at him, he killed her in a fit of anger. 

After murdering his mother, Dhasvanth said he took jewellery from the family house in Kundrathur and gave it to two of his jail mates, David and James, who he had befriended in Puzhal Central Prison. 

The duo handed over the jewellery to an accomplice later, who escaped with the gold.  Dhasvanth was given Rs 40,000 later by James. He then travelled to Mumbai where he spent the money betting on racehorses. 

A special team nabbed Dhasvanth from Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai on Wednesday but he managed to give them the slip the next day. He was caught from a betting bar in Kala Ghoda and brought to Chennai amid tight security on Saturday. 

Dhasvanth was subjected to intense questioning from 10pm onwards under the supervision of DCP S Sarvesh Raj, where he admitted to killing his mother with an iron hammer. 

He is likely to be presented before a Sriperumbudur court on December 12, which will hear the case. A magistrate in Mumbai on Friday, had granted the police three-day custody of Dhasvanth.

Dhasvanth has been out on bail in the Hasini case since September. The 22-year-old mechanical engineer is the prime accused in the sexual assault and murder of 7-year-old Hasini in February in Chennai. 

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