With the arrest of the two ex-convicts, the police are now certain that Dhasvanth killed his mother and stole the jewellery.

Dhasvanth case Two ex-cons arrested for helping him sell stolen jewellery
news Crime Monday, December 04, 2017 - 08:07

The Chennai city police have arrested two ex-convicts who were allegedly in touch with Hasini-murder accused Dhashvanth, who has been missing since his mother Sarala was found bludgeoned to death on Saturday. The two ex-cons, David and James, are alleged to have helped Dhashvanth sell the jewellery which was also missing from his mother’s house.

With the arrest of James and David, and their testimony that while they tried to help him sell the jewellery they did not know that his mother was dead and that he was the suspect, the police are now certain that Dhashvanth murdered his own mother.

Times of India reports that 23-year-old Dhashvanth, who spent about 7 months in Puzhal jail as an under trial in the Hasini murder case, met James and David inside the jail and befriended them. David is said to have introduced Dhashvanth to another man, Manikandan, who is believed to have taken the jewellery from Dhashvanth and vanished. James and David were traced by tracking the calls made by Dhashvanth.

An officer told TOI that Dhashvanth is believed to have taken a long-distance train from Chennai Central Railway station, which is his last known location.

Meanwhile, DC reports that Dhashvanth’s father has accused him of murdering his own mother, because he was irate that his mother refused to give him money.

His mother, 45-year-old Sarala, was found bludgeoned to death around 3 30pm on Saturday at her home in Kundrathur in Chennai, and the police were informed immediately.

23-year-old Dhashvanth has been out on bail in the Hasini case since September. He procured bail on a technical ground after his father went to court claiming that the Chennai police cannot impose Goondas Act on him. In February this year, 7-year-old Hasini was found murdered and Dhasvanth was suspected of sexually assaulting her and then killing her.



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