The wildlife department has rescued more than 105 snakes in the past 10 days.

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news Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 10:16

The heavy rains in Chennai have not only caused water-logging but also saw dangerous snakes entering homes in the city.

The wildlife headquarters phones have been flooded with phone calls from residents in Pallikaranai, Madipakkam, Chitlapakkam and Kilkattalai in south Chennai and Vyasarpadi and Kolathur in the north asking to rescue the snakes that have slithered into their homes.

“Till Diwali, we received only five calls a day. But just two days after that, the numbers increased and on Tuesday, we received 15 calls,” S Davidraj, wildlife headquarters range officer told TOI.

The wildlife department has rescued more than 105 snakes in the past 10 days. Most of the snakes are bronzeback tree snake or ‘Komberi Mukkan’ which are usually found in water-logged areas, according to TOI report.

They also rescued many rat snakes or ‘thanni paambu’. Few cobras or ‘nalla pamba’ were also found in water-logged homes.

Residents of Perumbakkam area saw many snakes in an apartment complex and tried killing them with snakes. One of the snakes died and others escaped.

The wildlife department has suggested people not to get panicked instead to lock the snake in a room and call the Wildlife Headquarters Range Office.