A Twitter user had claimed that Crazy Mohan was diabetic and that the doctors didn't do enough to save him.

Crazy Mohans brother Maadhu Balaji dispels rumours surrounding actors death
Flix Controversy Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 13:38

Soon after the death of actor and scriptwriter Mohan Rangachari, popularly known as ‘Crazy’ Mohan, on June 10 following an acute heart attack, rumours began to do the rounds. Kauvery Hospital confirmed that he could not be revived with a defibrillator, and he was declared dead at 2 pm.

However, a Twitter user said that he had first been taken to Chennai’s Meenakshi Mission a day prior to his death for heartburn, and further claimed that he was sent back without an ECG being taken. The user alleged that if the hospital had taken an ECG on June 9, they could have spotted the problem. Furthermore, the user claimed that the actor was diabetic as well.

This thread was widely retweeted and gained traction, which led to Maadhu Balaji, Crazy Mohan’s brother, publishing a video to dispel the rumours. Thanking everybody who contacted the family and conveyed their condolences, he said, “The reason to upload this now is because all of us are in a state of extreme grief and shock because he didn’t die out of any disease or undergo any difficulty before he passed away. This demise was very, very sudden. It was a rude shock for us,” he said.

“I met Mohan on June 10 around 7.45 am and we went for a morning walk. He was very humorous as usual. He spoke happily. He didn’t have diabetes, and he was not a BP patient. He had a health checkup even three months ago, he didn’t have any of it. At 9.45 am, he called me and said that he was having trouble breathing and that his lower abdomen was paining. He asked if I could rush to his place. I went to his house, and he was not able to breathe. Immediately, I took him to Kauvery hospital in a car,” he added.

He also placed on record his tremendous appreciation for the team of doctors in Kauvery who attended to Mohan during his final moments.

“From 10 am to 2 pm, they tried their level best to bring him back. But it was a massive attack. It was fate and we cannot do anything,” he said.

Imploring people to not spread misinformation that Mohan was ill and that doctors did not do enough to save him, Maadhu Balaji said, “That is all false news. He was hale and hearty until the end. Even the night before, he wrote 12 hymns in the name of god… it was destiny. He just left us all grieving. This is my personal request to all of you.”

Maadhu reiterated that Mohan died a natural death.


Maadhu Balaji on the sudden demise of Crazy Mohan. Contrary to rumors spread, he was healthy till he got the fatal heart attack. He was not a sugar or BP patient. He was not taken to Miot Hospital at any point of time. Kindly view this sharing.

Posted by Khaanthan Balakrishna Sastri on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Following this, the Twitter user who made the allegations deleted the original tweet, and posted an apology while maintaining that one part of the tweet was correct.

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