CPI(M) mouthpiece calls Rahul’s candidature in Wayanad ‘Pappu strike’, sparks outrage

The Deshabhimani has been called out by many as it was the Sangh Parivar that used Pappu to belittle a politician rather than fighting him ideologically.
CPI(M) mouthpiece calls Rahul’s candidature in Wayanad ‘Pappu strike’, sparks outrage
CPI(M) mouthpiece calls Rahul’s candidature in Wayanad ‘Pappu strike’, sparks outrage
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It is no wonder that the Left is irked with the entry of Congress President Rahul Gandhi as a candidate in Kerala’s Wayanad, for it is a direct fight against their front.

The CPI(M) mouthpiece Deshabhimani, again no wonder, has published a strongly worded editorial on the Congress decision, which was announced by party senior leader AK Antony in Delhi on Sunday. The editorial lists the reasons why it’s a wrong decision on part of the Congress, elaborating how the party has lost its roots in states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra. But what diminishes the spirit of the entire write-up, with the headline – Pappu Strike to complete Congress destruction – is the end – where it calls the move a “Pappu strike”.

“The fight can be viewed as nothing but a wet cracker. To put it in a flowery manner, the Congress move is a Pappu strike. This will make the party’s destruction complete,” says the conclusion of the editorial.

This is a point on which one would disagree, whereas the rest of the arguments can be taken as a natural reaction from the Left, which has been soft to the Congress (other than in Kerala) with the larger aim of forming a front against the BJP. But even in that case, the article lacks introspection by the party which has itself been losing in states in which it has been in power, one by one.

Because belittling a politician, however big or small he is, with a usage that has been propagated by his political rivals in bad taste is nothing short of uncharitable.

Interestingly, P Rajeev, the Chief Editor of Deshabhimani, is the CPI(M) candidate in the Ernakulam constituency. And Rajeev is known for his mature discourses.

Many have expressed outrage at the usage on social media too.

“The decision of Rahul Gandhi to contest in Wayanad is a foolish one in the backdrop of national politics, that can be flayed. But the CPI(M) mouthpiece has used the same language as that of the Sangh Parivar which is filled with hostility, intolerance and individual insult. See the Pappu usage. When they raise the argument that Rahul will be defeated in Amethi, the advantage is for Hindutva politics,” reads a post by Sunil Kumar, a former journalist.

Sunil has also aptly asked the Left to think about their current position while they are apprehensive about the loss of seats by the Congress in other states.

Yasir Fayas, another former journalist, reacts even more strongly. “This is all the elite Left is. This is the editorial of the party mouthpiece. Not a Facebook post of a cyber comrade. Pappu strike… these are the people who are going to bring in socialism and peace.”

Thrithala Congress MLA VT Balram demanded that Rajeev apologise if he has even an iota of dignity.

“It was the Sangh Parivar that used to call Rahul Gandhi Pappu before he decided to contest from Wayanad. Now the same voice has been raised by the Left. The anti-Fascist fight of the Left is amazing,” says a satirical post by Shabeer Kodiyathur, a healthcare professional.

The editorial in general denounces the Congress, which might point to fear, rather than exhibiting the moral, organisational and ideological strength of the Left. Earlier, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had said that the Left is strong enough to face Rahul Gandhi, which indeed befitted a man of his stature.

‘Left is strong enough to face him’: Pinarayi Vijayan on Rahul’s Wayanad candidature https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/left-strong-enough-face-him-pinarayi-vijayan-rahul-s-wayanad-candidature-99253

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