When she went to school on Tuesday, her class teacher Babu allegedly twisted her left arm.

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news Friday, November 06, 2015 - 10:15

A Class I student suffered a shoulder joint dislocation after her class teacher punished her at a government school in Thanjavur on Wednesday.

V Devi, the student did not attend the Panchayat Union Primary School on Monday due to illness. When she went to school on Tuesday, her class teacher Babu allegedly twisted her left arm.

The child was crying whole day as she could not bear the pain and was sent back home by her class teacher one hour before the school ended. When her mother saw Devi crying after she returned home from work, she filed a complaint about the punishment to Bandalur police, according to TNIE report.

On Wednesday morning, Devi’s hands were swollen and her mother took her to Thanjavur Medical College where the doctors diagnosed dislocated shoulder joint.

In a media statement, she said that other than twisting her shoulder the teacher had also hit on her head with a pencil.

G Renganathan, District Elementary Educational Officer told TNIE that the 

Assistant Elementary Educational Officer carried out an inquiry into the incident. The incident was also informed to the Director of School Education.

Depending on the results of the inquiry, actions would be taken against the teacher, Renganathan said.

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