Chennai rains: VR Mall's false ceiling collapses, video goes viral

Chennai’s VR Mall was inaugurated just three years ago, in June 2018.
False ceiling of Chennai mall falls
False ceiling of Chennai mall falls
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An eight-second video shows people going down an escalator in a Chennai mall. Suddenly, a false ceiling close to the escalator collapses and drops to the floor, and rain water gushes down from the ceiling. A few people can be seen rushing down the escalator in order to escape without being injured.

The alarming visual is from Chennai’s VR Mall — a commercial complex inaugurated just three years ago, in June 2018. The accident took place at around 5 pm on Thursday  December 30, when Chennai received sudden and very heavy rains for six hours straight. However, no injuries have been reported due to the accident. The video has been circulating on social media, with several users pointing out that poor construction of the new mall could be the reason for the false ceiling giving up following the rains.

According to reports, one of the eye witnesses said that all the people rushed down to the ground floor after they heard the loud noise of the ceiling coming down. Rain water even entered the mall, and people could not step out as it was still raining heavily. However, in a few hours, the situation was brought under control.

Watch the video below

Chennai received one of its heaviest spells of single day rains on Thursday, December 30. According to India Meteorological Department (IMD), the highest rainfall of 21.4 cm was recorded in MRC Nagar. It was 14.8 cm at Meenambakkam as per IMD data at 5:30 am on December 31.

The Greater Chennai Corporation said that over 145 pumps were used to de-clog inundated locations. Metrorail authorities extended train services by an hour from 11 pm onwards to help passengers reach their destinations safely. Starting from noon, most areas in the city and suburbs began receiving rainfall and it was heavy to very heavy in several locations.

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