Can't fully accept reasons of those opposing me, but will not go to Jaffna: Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth ended his statement asking that if he got another opportunity to visit Sri Lanka, it should not be politicised this way.
Can't fully accept reasons of those opposing me, but will not go to Jaffna: Rajinikanth
Can't fully accept reasons of those opposing me, but will not go to Jaffna: Rajinikanth
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Bowing to public pressure, Tamil superstar Rajinikanth has called off his visit to Jaffna in Sri Lanka. Rajinikanth was supposed to participate in the inauguration of 150 houses built for displaced Tamils by the Gnanam Foundation, a part of Lyca Productions that is producing his 2.0.

In a public statement, Rajinikanth said that he had originally decided to participate in the event for two reasons. “I wanted to go to the place where so many people had fought for their rights and had shed their blood and breathe the same air that they had breathed. And I have had this desire for many days. I also wanted to see the lakhs of Tamil people there who have given me my life and livelihood, and to open my heart and speak to them,” Rajini said.

The other reason he wished to visit Sri Lanka, he said, was to speak to Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena on the issue of Tamilian fishermen being imprisoned by the Sri Lanka government and their boats being confiscated. “I wanted to convey my grief about the risk to life and livelihoods of Tamil fisherman who go out into the sea for just one square meal,” he said, adding that he wanted to urge the President to find some solution to the issue.

He said that he had been lovingly advised by the VCK’s Thol Thirumavalavan, the MDMK’s  Vaiko and the Tamilar Vazhvu Urimai Katchi’s Velmurugan through the media, by phone and through friends, to drop his plans.

The three leaders had opposed Rajinikanth’s visit as they said it was a tacit endorsement of the Sri Lankan government, which continued to deny the rights of Tamil people in the country.

“I couldn’t fully accept their reasoning. However, I have decided to take their plea into consideration and not participate,” he said.

He added, however, that if he should get another opportunity to visit Sri Lanka, that should not be politicised in such a manner. “I want to make it clear that I am not a politician. I am an artiste. My job, as Thirumavalavan has said, is to make people happy. If I get another opportunity to go to Sri Lanka and meet Tamil people and to visit the hallowed land where the war took place, please do not make it into a political situation and prevent me from going. I ask this rightfully and lovingly,” he said.

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