The murder is reported to have happpened near Dharamaraja temple in Thottapalayam.

Bloody inter-gang rivalry spills over to the streets of Vellore gangster stoned to death
news Monday, September 07, 2015 - 08:25

Those who were out on the streets of Vellore in Tamil Nadu on Sunday evening to celebrate Krishna Jayanthi were in for a shock when a gang-war unfolded right in front of their eyes, with one gang bludgeoning a rival to death using stones. And with one of the passers-by clicking images of the crime, the gory pictures did the rounds on WhatsApp, making it easier for the police to identify and arrest the alleged perpetrators.

The victim, called 'Athiradi' Maha aka Mahalingam, who had reportedly jumped his bail in another murder case is alleged to have been publicly stoned to death by the two sons of GG Ravi, owner of GGR Engineering College, Tamil Mani and Gokul. Just before he was murdered, Mahalingam is alleged to have attacked Ravi to kill him, reports The New Indian Express.




The murder is reported to have happened near Dharamaraja temple in Thottapalayam. Along with the two brothers, three other family members were also arrested.

The two gangsters, Ravi and Maha, are known to have a history of rivalry, accusing each other of attempting to kill each other.

This is not entirely unexpected, as the police has been on high alert since the Maha, and another gangster 'Vasur' Raja were out of bail earlier this year.