BJP should ally with Rajinikanth, says S Gurumurthy at Tughlaq meet

"If Rajinikanth and BJP unite, then there is no need to worry about Tamil Nadu," Gurumurthy said.
BJP should ally with Rajinikanth, says S Gurumurthy at Tughlaq meet
BJP should ally with Rajinikanth, says S Gurumurthy at Tughlaq meet
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The Editor-in-chief of Tughlaq magazine, S Gurumurthy, has said that the BJP should ally with actor Rajinikanth, who recently announced his foray into politics.

Speaking at the 48th anniversary meet of the magazine on Monday, Editor in Chief S Gurumurthy was quoted as saying, "We need a change and BJP too should realize it and dump the thought of aligning with either of the two Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu. BJP should go on its own and align with Rajinikanth and that is sure to fetch unparalleled success."

"Rajinikanth will be a catalyst for Tamil Nadu. Lot of people are saying he is not from here. He is Marathi, he is not Tamilian. But all that didn't hold water," Gurumurthy added.  

Actor Rajinikanth announced his entry into politics in December 2017 in a political landscape devoid of charismatic leaders. Talking about this scenario, Gurumurthy said, “The situation in Tamil Nadu is that both Dravidian parties are getting diminished. Rajinikanth is intelligent. He was waiting for an opportune moment when both places (DMK and AIADMK) are empty.”

During his announcement speech, Rajinikanth had called his brand of politics ‘spiritual’. Referring to this, Gurumurthy said, "This is sincere as well as strategic. There is no better word he could have used to distance himself from both the Dravidian parties.” On the Dravidian ideology which rejects religion, Gurumurthy declared, “Atheism has ruined Tamilians and Tamil Nadu.”

With the death of former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa and the active political absence of M Karunanidhi, many new players have emerged on the Tamil Nadu political landscape. Actor Kamal Hasan is one of them. Drawing parallels between the two cinema contemporaries, Gurumurthy said, “Both of them understand that cinema fame is not enough. But with Kamal saying things like he will eat meat, it looks like he will be an extension of the Dravidian politics.”

The Tughlaq magazine was founded in 1970 by the multifaceted late Cho Ramaswamy, who was best known for being an astute political mind. The annual meet of the magazine, which coincides with Pongal, always sees high profile chief guests. The right-leaning magazine was taken over S Gurumurthy upon Cho’s death in December 2016.

Gurumurthy is widely seen as an RSS ideologue and is known to advise the BJP in the state. While the party itself has had little to no success in electoral politics in Tamil Nadu, Gurumurthy appeared hopeful. Speaking of the future, he said, “If Rajinikanth and BJP unite - on one side Rajinikanth's photo and on one side Narendra Modi's photo- then there is no need to worry about Tamil Nadu. At one point a black shirt would mean DMK person, now it means an Ayyappa pilgrim. That's how much TN has changed. Neither party (DMK or AIADMK) has the capacity to bring about change in Tamil Nadu.

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