Jemeela said the church secretary had asked her to leave as she was a BJP candidate

BJP Royapuram candidate alleges misbehaviour by AIADMK MLA church authorities
news TN 2016 Sunday, May 08, 2016 - 18:16

Dr.Jemeela, a BJP candidate from Royapuram alleged that she was stopped from conducting her Sunday prayers at the CSI church due to an AIADMK MLA raising an issue. She was accused of propagating her party ideology in the church.

“I regularly attend the Church, and had gone today for the Sunday service. Half way through, the Church’s secretary entered and welcomed the AIADMK MLA Jayakumar with a bouquet and shawl. I did not say anything then. After the prayers, we were allowed to come to the front if we had a special request. The Church Secretary stopped me and said "You are BJP, you are not allowed here. Leave. You cannot ask for votes here."

Jemeela alleged that he continued to make a big fuss, saying he was the one who decided who should stay and who shouldn't. The pastor, seeing all of this, called her in, and requested a prayer. "But after this the AIADMK MLA, announced that it was Amma's day, on the ocassion of Mother's day. And leaflets were distributed," she said to TNM. 

MLA Jeyakumar denies that the incident happened. "I was not aware of this incident, please ask the Church authorities about this. I visit every Church, mosque and temple of my area to respect the people of my constituency," he said to TNM. Church authorities refused to comment.

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