Arjun Sampath claimed that the show is against Tamil and Hindu culture, and that it should be banned.

Bigg Boss is against Tamil and Hindu culture Hindu Makkal Katchi calls for boycott
news Controversy Friday, June 29, 2018 - 17:18

Bigg Boss Season 2 in Tamil is facing opposition from right wing political group Hindu Makkal Katchi (IMK) once again. A video circulating on social media shows the party’s founder-president Arjun Sampath criticising the show, and claiming that his outfit will conduct ‘awareness sessions’ across the state in order for people to boycott the show.

“Actor Kamal Haasan is hosting Bigg Boss for a second season on Vijay TV. This is a show that destroys traditions and culture. It spoils families. Such shows on television are being watched by many people. This has come to our drawing rooms…” Arjun Sampath said.

The party had opposed the airing of the first season of Bigg Boss as well. And this time, too, Arjun Sampath has hit out at both Vijay TV and Kamal Haasan, and has claimed that his party will hold a massive protest against Bigg Boss and Vijay TV ‘at the right time.’

“I don’t understand how people can watch this show with their family and their children,” Arjun Sampath said.

Appealing to the women and parents of Tamil Nadu, he said, “As much as possible, you must ensure that this show fails.”

“This show stirs up unnecessary trouble. They stir up caste and communal tensions. They degrade women. And the clothes that the people on the show wear, the way they talk…! What should only happen in private is being displayed in the reception hall,” Arjun Sampath said.

“Shouldn’t Kamal Haasan have a sense of responsibility?” he asked, slamming the show’s host.

“He says he’s running some Makkal Neethi Maiam. He claims he’s working to bring good governance to the country. He keeps talking about Tamil tradition and Tamil culture. Is what is happening in Bigg Boss part of Tamil tradition, Tamil culture? Should he not think about all this with a conscience?” he further said.

“Kamal Haasan is a great actor. He knows what influence his show and his words will have on society. Instead of putting his influence to good use, he’s using it for shows like this which are destroying culture,” he said.

Arjun Sampath also accused the show of ‘Love Jihad’, and claimed that a video was circulating where a man was trying to talk to a woman to ‘do Love Jihad’. While he did not elaborate, the ‘Love Jihad’ comment could be a reference to Episode 7 of Bigg Boss 2, where a contestant, Shariq, told another contestant, Aishwarya Dutta, that he was interested in her.

The IMK along with Shiv Sena members had earlier protested  against the show during its first season and threatened to attack the sets and participants if the show was not taken off air, citing that it was against Tamil and Hindu culture.

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