Always hardworking, ever patient: When Jayalalithaa recalled OPS’s political journey from 1977

She held Panneerselvam up as an example to the youth members of the party, who were in a hurry to get successful.
Always hardworking, ever patient: When Jayalalithaa recalled OPS’s political journey from 1977
Always hardworking, ever patient: When Jayalalithaa recalled OPS’s political journey from 1977
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O Panneerselvam was extremely loyal to Jayalalithaa. While everyone is agreed on this - evident by the fact the she made him the Chief Minister every time she was forced to step down for legal reasons - what exactly did Amma think of him?

This old video of Jayalalithaa addressing addressing the gathering at OPS's son's wedding, has some answers. While speaking about how youngsters who join the party want immediate success, Jayalalithaa said, “Joining a party, growing in the party, getting a position of great responsibility is not like mixing Bru instant coffee.”

“I’d like to tell you how O Pannneerselvam grew in the party,” Jaya said, and continued to list out his political journey, starting from 1977 when he joined the AIADMK.

And what does this journey say?

1977 – Joined as a member of the AIADMK

1980 – Party administrative representative for Periyakulam 18th ward

1984 – Party Secretary for Periyakulam 18th ward

1984 – Deputy Secretary of Periyakulam MGR youth wing

1993 – Party Secretary for Periyakulam town

1996 – President of the Periyakulam town council

1997 – Secretary of the Theni district MGR youth wing

1998 – Party Secretary of Periyakulam town for the second time

2000 – Secretary of the Theni district

2001 – Periyakulam MLA

“And then he has also been the Chief Minister,” Jayalalithaa said. “Then, he became the Revenue Minister and the PWD Minister," the late Chief Minister went on.

2004 - Secretary of the AIADMK election eing

2006 - Second time MLA of Periyakulam

Deputy leader of opposition in the Assembly

2007 - Party Treasurer

1996, 1999, 2000 - Went to prison for AIADMK

"He started his political career with small roles. But step by step, he grew in the party. His hard work, his loyalty, his allegiance to the party leadership, these are the reasons for his growth. He grew to become a Minister. As I mentioned, at one point he even became the Chief Minister," Jayalalithaa said.

As TN's caretaker CM Pannerselvam is currently embroiled in a war with AIADMK Legislature Party head Sasikala, following his revelations on Tuesday night that he was forced to resign from the post of Chief Minister, his mass appeal instantly went up.

This video is now being circulated on social media by pro-OPS groups as proof that he's the real heir of Jayalalithaa. Her praise of OPS for being the only person in history to have given back the CM's post to its rightful owner is being quoted as her endorsement of him. 

Drawing a parallel to the Ramayan, Jayalalithaa said, "When Rama was sent into exile and wasn’t able to sit on the throne, the kingdom was given to Bharath. But Bharath refused to sit on Ram’s throne. When Ram came back from exile, Bharath gave the kingdom and throne back safely to Ram."


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