'Alliance can be with DMK or AIADMK' : TN BJP leader Pon Radhakrishnan

State BJP President L Murugan however insisted that an 'NDA alliance' will win the upcoming polls
'Alliance can be with DMK or AIADMK' : TN BJP leader Pon Radhakrishnan
'Alliance can be with DMK or AIADMK' : TN BJP leader Pon Radhakrishnan
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With the 2021 state assembly elections for Tamil Nadu fast approaching, parties in the state are likely to begin discussions on possible alliances. With the BJP having stood with the AIADMK for the Lok Sabha elections, there have been talks over whether this pact will continue for the assembly polls. And while state BJP President L Murugan has stated that this is likely, senior leader Pon Radhakrishnan has told the media that the party is open to all options.

"The alliance currently in place was formed for the Lok Sabha elections. An alliance for the state assembly election will be formed again.  This alliance can be with the DMK or the AIADMK or it may be with neither. We may form a different alliance," he stated.

Pon Radhakrishnan's claim that the BJP could join hands with DMK however, caused a flurry, leading to questions regarding the party's ideological stand. AIADMK lashed out stating that they can't take the word of every leader in the BJP as gospel.

"If everybody talks differently in the BJP, we can't respond to it. As far as we are concerned, we respect and alliance. When it comes to the DMK however, we know how much they respect alliances. DMK's General secretary Duraimurugan had said (derogatorily) that they know who will come and go during the election," said AIADMK Minister D Jayakumar.

The DMK meanwhile says it was amused by the remark made by Pon Radhakrishnan.

Speaking to the media, TKS Elangovan, the party spokesperson, pointed out that the statement hinted at the BJP's crumbling confidence in the AIADMK's poll prospects.

Attempting to fire-fight the situation however, BJP leader P Vanathi attempted to give the impression that the alliance with AIADMK remains strong. She too however, did not comment on whether it would continue for the state assembly election.

"This alliance continues to be strong," said the leader. "But about future alliances no one can definitely tell. We can only talk about the present."

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