The app gives you all the important details of candidates contesting in each of the 234 constituency

All you need to know about Tamil Nadu elections - in one single Android app
news TN2016 Thursday, May 05, 2016 - 15:08

The upcoming Tamil Nadu state elections is perhaps the most digitized elections the state has ever seen. With vigorous social media campaigning in the form of minute to minute counter-tweets, challenging each other for debates on Facebook, viral videos and instigating memes,  can the android applications be left behind?

Launched on May 1, Tamil Nadu Election 2016 – an android application gives you all the important details of the candidates who are contesting in each of the 234 constituency. The application which is bilingual, offers information in both Tamil and English.


“A technology company has a lot of stake in shaping society, in today’s world and times. I was discussing the upcoming elections with some acquaintances when I realized there are people who completely lack awareness about elections and candidates in their own constituency,” said Sivaraman R, Director of Hard and Soft Technologies, and also the developer of the application.  He also added that the idea was developed into an application in barely two days.

On entering the zone, district and constituency, the application provides you information about the candidates from various parties along with their party symbols. It also presents information about who the people of the constituency elected in the assembly elections of 2011. Adding to these, the application provides statistics relating to the number of voters and also specifies the number of male and female voters in the constituency.


The application will have additional features like the candidate’s declared assets and liabilities, and will also integrate the data from Election Commission to check if one’s voter’s identification is still valid.

“Today, every single party has an application. The practice of using mobile applications in elections has just started now. The process of campaigning itself could be done through mobile application, perhaps in the next election itself,” concluded Sivaram.

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