news Thursday, May 07, 2015 - 05:30
Two friends, one an AIADMK councillor and another, a former councillor were abducted by an eight-member gang .   Though the duo were released in 24 hours, it was not before they were beaten black and blue that the gang realised that they had the wrong men.    RV Dhanaraj, an AIADMK member and former councillor Ravi allegedly were picked up from the latter’s godown by a gang in a car and were then taken to a house in Tiruvannamalai where they were beaten up, reported New Indian Express.   By the time family members began searching for the missing men, Dhanaraj contacted his wife telling her that both of them were returning. Found with bruises on their faces, Dhanaraj and Ravi told police that it was only after the gang leader berated his men for picking up the wrong people that they were let off, said the report.   However, as their blindfolds were not removed, both Dhanaraj and Ravi could not identify their captors or the place they were taken to.  Police is conducting an investigation over the incident.         
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