The party has allowed its members to cast votes for the candidates on the polling day

AIADMK asks its members not to fight Nadigar Sangam elections or take sides
news Monday, October 05, 2015 - 09:33

With increasing buzz about possible political shadow-boxing through the elections for the office of the South Indian Artistes Association (Nadigar Sangam) elections with the AIADMK has told its members in the Sangam not to make it a political battle and barred the actors from contesting in the elections which will take place on October 18.

The party has not only told the members not to contest the elections but also asked them not to support any sides or voice opinions for neither groups. The party has allowed its members to cast votes for the candidates on the polling day.

However, many members of AIADMK are active participants of both the camps which are lead by Sarath Kumar and Vishal Krishna.

Sarath Kumar had signed an agreement with Sathyam Cinemas in 2010 to destroy the Nadigar Sangam building which was built in Habibullah Road in Chennai with the financial support of many actors.  According to the agreement, they wanted to build a multiplex in which one floor will be allotted to the Sangam. The agreement also wanted an amount of Rs. 24 lakh every month as lease for the land.

In 2012, a case was filed accusing Sarath Kumar and Radharavi for taking the decision without consulting others. By 2013, actor Vishal asked for the contract to be scrapped. Later, Nasser and Karthi decided to contest elections.

Sarath Kumar and Radharavi, along with Simbu actor Vijayakumar, Shaam and Mumtaz and Radhika Sarathkumar will fight the elections against the ‘Pandavar Ani’ of Nasser, Vishal, Ponvannan, Karunas and Karthi.

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