news Wednesday, May 06, 2015 - 05:30
Just a few weeks after The News Minute broke the story about three Facebook pages in Malayalam to attract paedophiles, two more similar pages have been shut down, this time in Tamil. One Facebook page “Chinna ponnu veriyargal” (Crazy about small girls) has a number of pictures of young girls, all fully-clothed posing for the camera. However, the pictures themselves have mostly likely been used mostly without permission, they are all accompanied by lewd statuses – “Enna pannalam” (which roughly translates to ‘What can we do with her’) The page itself had 3,395 likes with comments that sexually talk about the girls. The admin also went one step ahead asking users to inbox more pictures that could be used on the page. The other Facebook page “Chinna ponna Karpazhipm” (We will rape young children/girls) on the other hand, has pictures of slightly older girls asking users to explicitly explain what they wanted to do with them. One post accompany the picture of a girl even goes as far as asking how many people were interested in “gang-rape”. Both the Facebook pages have been widely shared on social media, with users calling for Facebook to bring down the page.  What is Facebook’s role? Facebook has strict laws against nudity and pictures displaying sexual intercourse. A detailed look shows that none of these pages break the “Facebook law” as there was no nudity. It is however surprising that Facebook’s algorithm did not locate these pages earlier as people have posted nude pictures, in the comment section. One thing is clear; these pages exist only with the sole purpose of acting as a meeting point of people who are interested in children sexually. Some of these pages have been in existence for more than a year. “Since these pages have been maintained only for this purpose, Facebook should have some responsibility of monitoring or tracking such pages,” says Supreme Court lawyer Vakul Sharma. And as The News Minute has been repeating in all its stories, the bottom-line is for all of us in India to understand and accept that there are people around us interested in children sexually. Should parents post pictures of their children on Facebook with paedophiles lurking in our midst?