‘Admin H’ removed: Hyderabad Traffic Police faces ire of citizens online

Several users downrated the Hyderabad Traffic Police Facebook page and began using the hashtag #BringbackAdminH.
‘Admin H’ removed: Hyderabad Traffic Police faces ire of citizens online
‘Admin H’ removed: Hyderabad Traffic Police faces ire of citizens online
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The popular Facebook page of the Hyderabad Traffic Police has been facing the ire of several users ever since its decision to remove Harinath Reddy, commonly referred to as ‘Admin H’, from the admin post.

The entire incident came to light when Harinath took to his personal profile earlier this week to say that he had offered to resign from the Hyderabad Traffic Police.

“Hey brothers and sisters! I have been officially removed from the HTP page, so I want to let you know about it. After my girlfriend died in a road accident last year, I never wanted to see someone in my position, so I started posting funny and witty posts to spread awareness,” he wrote.

Harinath also lamented that he had worked hard for six years to create a bond with the public, but was forced to offer his resignation due to an internal rift in the office.

“The new admin is the one who is behind all this and he has gathered all negative comments on the page and submitted it to higher officials. Helping people, donating my entire salary to an orphanage and being positive always is something wrong?” Harinath asked.

“I tried my best but internal politics has grown and they think I am getting all the fame which I considered as null. Thank you guys for supporting me on all social media platforms, I am overwhelmed with your love (sic),” he added.

As the post gained a large amount of traction, several users began downrating the Hyderabad Traffic Police Facebook page and began trending the hashtag #BringbackAdminH. The page’s rating went down from 4.7 to 3.6 in a matter of two days.

As hundreds of users began reporting the Facebook page, Harinath took to his personal account again and said, “Please don’t unfollow HTP. The page is for the general public. I already left. There is no question of going back.”

Several people also messaged asking the reason for Harinath’s removal, to which the Hyderabad Traffic Police said that he was removed after a ‘departmental issue’.

Speaking to TNM, Harinath said that he had received thousands of messages supporting him and was overwhelmed by the response. However, he also said that he did not want people to downrate the page as it was still a government department which was interacting with the public trying to promote road safety.

Read TNM’s earlier profile of Admin H below.

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