The popular admin is a 27-year-old who has been involved with the Hyd Traffic Police FB page since 2010.

Who is Admin H Meet the man tickling the internet on Hyd Traffic Polices FB page
news Social Tuesday, January 02, 2018 - 14:36

The Hyderabad Traffic Police is not only saving lives on the streets, but is also winning hearts on the internet with the witty posts on its Facebook page.

If you have been following the page recently, several posts by the department are going viral, thanks to a healthy mix of social awareness and humour.

The Facebook page, that has close to 3 lakh likes, has also been constantly engaging with several citizens on the social networking site.

While several people run the page, one ‘Admin H’ in particular seems to be getting extremely popular. See some of his posts below.

In fact, Admin H has gotten so famous that there are even memes on him.

(Translation: Where is Hyderabad? Where is Facebook? Where is the Hyderabad Traffic Police page?)

(Translation: Do you know Admin H? I'm his brother. So what? You still have to pay)

The man behind the handle is 27-year-old Harinath Reddy, who was born and brought up in Hyderabad.

Speaking to TNM, Harinath says, “I joined the department in 2009 through recruitment and have been part of the Traffic Police’s Facebook page since 2010.”

Initially, Harinath observed that serious posts did not spread too far, as people usually would not react to them.

“One time, I just put a small post with some humour and it gained a lot of reactions. I was always sarcastic by nature and that has helped me respond in a funny manner, so that all posts reach more people,” he says.

“If we ask people to seriously wear a helmet to save their life, they do not care. However, if we joke that they are going to get a big challan, the person will immediately put on his helmet,” he observes.

However, Harinath says that the humour has to be ‘healthy’.

“Since we’re a government page and because we can have an impact on the public, we do not cross certain limits. It’s all about finding the balance with healthy humour,” he says.

“If people degrade us in the comments, then we counter them with facts. However, they should understand that we are dealing with a lot of things. I’m also a public citizen when I go out, so we understand their point of view, but insulting or degrading others is not right,” he adds.

Harinath says that the posts have been helping and awareness has increased.

“We have been observing that awareness is increasing and many people are following the rules, much to our happiness,” he remarks.

As far as the memes are concerned, Harinath laughs, saying, “That is their wish. I didn’t expect such memes on me, but what can I say when they are doing it.”

He also points out that the Facebook page is not just about posting a few funny lines.

“There is a large team and a lot of hard work involved. We also receive complaints from people, forward them to the concerned police station, follow up with an action report, check if there are any ‘before/after’ photos. There is a lot of work on the ground level,” Harinath says.

The Hyderabad Traffic Police has also managed to move beyond responses like ‘Action taken’ or ‘noted’.

“As a result, complaints are also written in a friendlier manner. We are receiving many suggestions, which we immediately forward to our higher authorities.”

However, Harinath is modest about his popularity, saying that he cannot take the entire credit for the success of the FB page.

“We cannot do it without the back-up available in the department,” he concludes.

Here are some more funny posts from the Facebook page.