Sathyaraj has lauded the VCK leader as a true follower of Ambedkar's ideals

Actor Sathyaraj backs Thirumavalavan says he has the makings of a true leader
news TN 2016 Thursday, May 05, 2016 - 12:29

Actor Sathyaraj has voiced his support for the People's Welfare Front, and particularly for VCK Chief Thol Thirumavalavan.

In a video uploaded by a private user, he has lauded Thirumavalavan saying, "The eradication of caste is the VCK's pitch, and I support that. Nobody else has followed Ambedkar's ideals as much as he has."

He also believes Thirumavalavan has the makings of a strong leader and his speech is fearless. Sathyaraj praises him, saying not a lot of people have the qualities of a leader who is not quick to adopt wild, populist ideas, who is clear and well-informed. "He does not hold back, he is uninhibited and speaks for the people," Sathyaraj says, adding, "Like Ambedkar, he has already imagined the revolution before the revolution happens. He is ahead of our times"

"Don't believe that he is trying to establish some Dalit hegemony, he is trying to remove caste, he's trying to work for the upliftment of everyone, which is good for the people of Tamil Nadu," he says. This is probably the first time Sathyaraj has openly supported a party.  

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