7-yr-old electrocuted to death after he steps on live wire at a Bengaluru park

Sunday’s incident comes within days of a similar tragedy in Hyderabad, which killed a 6-year-old boy.
7-yr-old electrocuted to death after he steps on live wire at a Bengaluru park
7-yr-old electrocuted to death after he steps on live wire at a Bengaluru park
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Callousness by civic authorities in Bengaluru claimed the life of an innocent seven-year-old boy who had gone out to play in his neighbourhood park. The incident occurred in Dr Rajkumar Park in Bengaluru’s in Banaswadi on Sunday when Uday Gor had stepped on a live wire at around 7:30 pm. Uday was with his five-year-old younger brother when the accident occurred. He also got hurt while trying to rescue his elder brother. Uday was living just three-four buildings from the park.

Passers-by were alarmed by Uday’s younger brother’s screams, after which they took the two to a nearby speciality clinic. Unfortunately, doctors declared Uday brought dead while his younger brother was treated for minor injuries.

According to local residents, who have gathered in the park on Monday in a mark of a protest, said for the last few days old lamposts in the park were being replaced by new ones. It was for this purpose that wires were being dug out and were connected to the new ones. Unfortunately, one of the wires which were left unattended caused the tragedy.

"An FIR has been registered against unnamed officials of the BBMP, BDA and the contractor who changed the lights in the park for causing death by negligence," Inspector of Banaswadi Police Station told TNM.

A Kondana Reddy, the corporator of Banaswadi ward could not be reached for a comment.  Neighbouring ward corporator D Munilakshmamma of Kamanhalli ward said he was visiting the park to meet with the protestors and send his condolences to the aggreived family.

In a statement, BESCOM denied any wrongdoing on their part claiming the power line was unauthorised and was used for welding purpose. It also said that they will take legal action against the private contractor.
“As first information received it is learnt that renovation work taken up by BBMP is going on in the said park. The agency who has taken the renovation work has taken un-authorised power supply for welding purpose by skinning out the insulated wire at various points of the LT Street Light.The skinned out wire has not been covered with insulation after the work is completed. The said boy came in contact with live portion of the said LT wire while playing in the park and got electrocuted,” the statement claimed. 
It added, “Since it is purely the negligence of the implementing agency, it is informed to BBMP to take action against the said agency. Local BESCOM Executive Engineer is also informed to take legal action against the said agency for having taken un-authorised power supply for welding purpose.”

Sunday’ incidence comes within days of a similar tragedy that took place in Hyderabad. A six-year-old child was electrocuted on February 11 while playing with his friends inside his apartment complex. He had died due to electrocution on coming in contact with a lamppost.


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