26-year-old loses balance, falls into Kodaikanal waterfall while posing for pics

The 26-year-old, identified as Ajay, was trying to pose for a picture while standing on slippery rocks at a waterfall in Kodaikanal when he fell.
Ajay posing from the rocks before he fell
Ajay posing from the rocks before he fell
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An outing to a waterfall in Kodaikanal’s Pullaveli turned tragic for a youth, who slipped on a rock and fell into the waterfall while trying to pose for pictures. The incident occurred on Thursday, August 4, when the man — Ajay Pandian from Karaikudi — had visited the waterfalls with friends. Ajay worked in a private estate in Thandikudi near Kodaikanal in Dindigul district.

A video recorded by his friend, who was trying to take Ajay’s picture, captured the horrifying accident. The video showed Ajay lowering himself onto rocks next to the waterfall, asking his friend to click a picture of him with the waterfall in the backdrop. He soon found a narrow space among the rocks and even posed for a few pictures while his friend continued to take a video of him. However, as he was adjusting his balance, he slipped on the rock and fell into the waterfall while his friend shouted for help. The video, recorded on his friend’s phone, has been doing the rounds on social media. Police have begun efforts to find Ajay.

Reports say that the waterfall in Pullaveli village is highly dangerous and in the past few years, nearly five people have died after losing balance and falling down the rocks. Kodaikanal has been experiencing heavy rainfall for the past few days, which may have made the rocks more slippery and increased the water level and speed of currents in the waterfall, reports add.

In a similar incident, a 26 year-old techie from Bengaluru drowned in the Siurhalla river in Kalhatti, Nilgiris on July 16 after trying to take a selfie on the river’s bank. She and her colleagues were staying in a private lodge in the Kalhatti area. Reports say this was the second time that tourists in the area were allowed to access prohibited spots in Kalhatti. A resort was sealed in the area after it was found that employees took tourists to prohibited areas which are dangerous.

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