'Guppy' bombed at the box office but earned good reviews subsequently.

2016 Tovino Thomas film Guppy to be re-released in Kerala
Flix Mollywood Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 18:06

More than a year and a half after the Malayalam film Guppy starring actor Tovino Thomas hit the theatres, the film is set to be re-released. 

Actor Tovino, who is currently enjoying the success of his latest film Mayaanadhi, took to Facebook to announce that his 2016 film Guppy will be re-released in a few theatres in Kerala. 

Tovino shared a poster from the film that said Guppy will be re-released on January 21 at 8 am and will be shown in three theatres across the state - in Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Malappuram.

Directed by Johnpaul George, the film had failed to make an impact when it was initially released in August, 2016. However, people who had watched the film on DVD had shared commendable reviews about the movie a few weeks later. 

In October 2016, weeks after theatres across the state had stopped screening the movie, Tovino took to Facebook to ask social media users about their take on the possibility of re-releasing the movie. 

In his post in Malayalam, Tovino had said: 

"I am putting up this post as per the instruction of the producer. A lot of people had said that it was indeed a loss for them that they were not able to watch Guppy in the theatres. Did you make such comments sincerely? Shall we re-release the film? Will you all go and watch it?"

Tovino had also said that scores of people were watching the movie on their phones and laptops and that this was the reason for asking whether Guppy must be re-released. 

Tovino's post had garnered widespread attention, with many users wondering why a good film like Guppy did not get noticed when it was released in the theatres. 

Although box office success eluded the movie when it was released, when the Kerala State Film Awards were announced in March, 2017, Guppy went on to win laurels. 

Vishnu Vijay bagged the award for the best background score, Chethal Jayalal won the Best Child Artiste Award, Stephy Xavier won the award for the Best Costume Designer and Suraj won the Best Singer (Male) Award, all for Guppy. 

Over and above this, the film's cinematographer Gireesh Gangadharan also received a Special Jury Award.