NCERT removing chapters inconvenient to Modi regime: Yogendra Yadav intv

Yogendra Yadav has long been an outspoken critic of the government. In this interview, he discusses the heated controversy surrounding NCERT textbooks and his decision to threaten legal action against the institution. Mr. Yadav shares his concerns about the extensive and unauthorized changes made to the content. Even as NCERT stands firm on retaining his name as Chief Adviser, Mr. Yadav’s insights raise essential questions about academic integrity and the influence of political regimes on educational material. In this latest interview, he is joined by TNM’s very own Pooja Prasanna as they discuss a detailed analysis of the recent 2024 Lok Sabha elections, shedding light on the future of Indian politics, secularism, and the role of media in shaping public perception. His critique extends to the broader educational landscape, questioning the ethical considerations of altering historical narratives and the potential long-term effects on students' understanding of India's past.
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The News Minute