Saffronising Indian history: The controversial NCERT textbook revisions explained

In Ayodhya, before the Ram Mandir, there was apparently just a nameless three-domed structure in its place. NCERT's latest textbook revision contains many such controversial omissions and alters the narrative of significant historical events. In this week’s Let Me Explain, we explore how the NCERT is reshaping contemporary history in its textbooks, why these changes are sparking outrage, and the dangerous implications of erasing key historical facts. From the Ayodhya dispute to the Gujarat riots of 2002, we unpack the motivations behind these revisions and their broader impact on India's education system. Join Pooja as she explores the NCERT’s justifications, educators' and historians' criticism, and the potential consequences—both political and even that of raising a generation with a sanitized version of history.
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The News Minute