NEET under fire: The case for its removal | | Let Me Explain with Pooja Prasanna

Thousands of students who are aspiring doctors are suffering due to the NEET exams. This time, protests are not just confined to Tamil Nadu but have spread to Delhi, Haryana, Pune, and many other places as well. Numerous cases have been filed against NEET in courts. One of the primary reasons for introducing NEET was to prevent corruption and ensure fairness in the admission process. However, the reality has been starkly different. The controversy this year began even before the NEET exam was held on May 5, with reports of leaked question papers at at least three centers. In this week’s "Let Me Explain," Pooja Prasanna delves into the new controversies surrounding NEET, its impact on lakhs of students, and the question of whether there is an alternative to NEET in its current form.
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