How police & politicians made false claims on Rohith Vemula suicide

The circumstances surrounding Rohith Vemula's suicide in 2016 have come under scrutiny again after the Telangana police filed a closure report last week claiming that he was not a Dalit and that his suicide had nothing to do with the university. His suicide sparked widespread outrage and debates about caste discrimination in Indian educational institutions. The closure report by the Telangana police, as well as statements made by Home Minister Amit Shah, have faced criticism for denying Rohith's Dalit identity. This has led to accusations that the authorities are attempting to suppress or manipulate the narrative surrounding Rohith's death.The report's contents have been contested, with allegations of false and unsubstantiated claims, and a failure to adequately address the factors that contributed to Rohith's suicide. In this episode of Let Me Explain, Pooja Prasanna looks at what exactly the report says, how the report has made multiple false and unsubstantiated allegations and how it chose to ignore the events leading to Rohith’s suicide.
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