Ayodhya Ram Temple: Sankaracharya opposition will not stop Modi | Journalist Mani

The Union government wants all roads to lead to Ayodhya on January 22, when the inauguration of the Ram temple takes place. Several states have declared a public holiday and central government offices will remain closed for half-day on January 22. According to a memo issued by the Government of India, all offices, institutions and industrial establishments under the Union government throughout the country will be closed for half-day till 2.30 pm on January 22. Public sector banks,insurance companies, regional rural banks and other government financial institutions will also be closed. On the other hand, there is significant opposition to BJP, RSS & VHP taking a lead in the consecration ceremony of Ayodhya Ram temple, so much so that questions and opposition raised by a few Shankaracharya’s has been met with fierce criticism. In this week’s Yen Endra Kelvi, Senior Journalist Mani speaks about how Modi the political importance of this event within the Sangh Parivar and outside.
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