Ten stories by The News Minute you may have missed this week
news ICYMI Sunday, December 11, 2016 - 15:58

 Jayalalithaa’s flawed legacies which TN should discard, but never forget

This is not about Jayalalithaa as a person, but her brand of politics which, as citizens, we must introspect.

 The iron lady with a soft heart: When Jayalalithaa showed me that she cared

With a phone call, Jayalalithaa showed me she is somebody who cared, one woman to another.

 The hypocrisy of Ola and Flipkart, poster boys of India’s ‘lala’ economy with a digital face

 Irony bought itself a coffin on Flipkart and drove to the cemetery in an Ola when Aggarwal-Bansal complained. 

The Last Man Standing: How Karunanidhi defeated every adversary over 7 decades

 Despite reversals and debacles, Karunanidhi's never-say-die spirit has always kept him and his party in the reckoning.

Jayalalithaa, the actor: Her intelligence and strength were apparent in her choice of roles

From a docile woman yearning for a family life to a Western-educated, “haughty” brat, there was no role that Jayalalithaa couldn’t pull off.

A decade after tall promises, flats booked in Hyderabad construction project yet to 'appear'     

The project is already five years overdue and a series of complications have sprung up.


A benevolent matriarch? The gender politics of Jayalalithaa

Indeed, for Jayalalithaa, women’s loyalty and worship of her authority offered enormous confidence and support to oppose anyone who questioned her power and policies.


Of Lathicharge, assault and intimidation: Reporter’s diary from Jayalalithaa’s times 


The News Minute speaks to NDTV’s Sam Daniel, and senior journalists Induja Ragunathan and Kavitha Muralidharan on their experience with Jayalalithaa.

Amma's love for agriculture, and the man she trusted the gardens in her estate with

A lover of flowers, Jayalalithaa was keen on developing floriculture in her estate.

Bengaluru's steel flyover plan still shrouded in secrecy

The BDA believes information needn't be in public domain.