‘Who votes for you?’ Hyderabad woman confronts MLA as rains inundate locality

Uppal MLA from TRS Bethi Subhas Reddy was visiting inundated areas in his constituency in a boat when a stranded resident was seen questioning him.
 ‘Who votes for you?’ Hyderabad woman confronts MLA as rains inundate locality
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A Hyderabad woman severely affected by the heavy rains in the city gave a strong rebuke to the local MLA visiting her locality. A video has surfaced showing a heated argument between Uppal MLA from TRS Bethi Subhas Reddy and the constituent, who strongly criticised the MLA for the lapses in relief work in her locality. 

As MLA Subhas Reddy visited the inundated areas in Uppal, navigating the streets in a boat, the woman was seen talking to him from the balcony of her first or second-floor residence. She was seen asking the MLA, “Should we stay alive or should we die? If you don’t do justice, we will write your name (blame you for our death) and die.”

“You don't understand our problems,” the woman said, her voice cracking as she had to raise her voice while speaking with strong emotion.  The MLA was then seen asking her, “Who asked you to build these houses?”

With this, the woman lashed out by responding, “Who asked to build them? Who gave permission to build them? Did we build the houses?” demanding accountability from authorities for allowing constructions in a flood-prone area. “We haven't had food or water for three days,” the woman told the MLA. 

The MLA responded by saying that this isn’t a personal tragedy, but an unforeseen disaster. “This is not something that just happened in my house. This is a calamity, the rains were sudden, no one person or government is responsible for this,” he said. The MLA then asked the woman, “The water level has gone down by nearly two yards. Who did that work? We are all working day and night.”

To this, the woman responded by saying that they had to make phone calls to authorities several times. When the MLA asked her again, “Who did the work for water to be removed?” the woman replied, “Who votes for you to win?”

The heavy rains on Tuesday have majorly disrupted the lives of residents in Hyderabad and across Telangana. At least 30 people in the state have lost their lives in various rain-related incidents, including 18 people within Hyderabad city limits. 

Watch: Stranded due to rains, Hyderabad woman lashes out at MLA visiting locality

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